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Karasu ignored another stare in his direction. One day he assumed people would get over his purple hair and the whispering taunts would stop. He traipsed slowly along the sidewalk, hands in his trenchcoat's pockets. The chilly air refreshed his dour mood and erased the existence of his annoying one night stands and ex bandmates, if only for a little while.

He stopped silently by the road, tendrils of hair carried forward by the wind. His eyes stared in morbid fascination at the dead carcass scattered across the dark pavement. Sharp eyes traced every twist of the racoon's intestine, every burst of dried blood and every step of the ants marching over their new feast.

How many people stared out at him from those glassy, vacant eyes? How many people could he list that he wished had suffered the same fate? Worthless empty personalities plastered with fake smiles, their only use being to drive away the memories for just one more second....just before those people ceased to be enough and the flood crashed back down on his mind-

a shriek pierced through the air, shortly followed by another.

a thump echoed in the carpet; he could feel it in his fingers, cold fingers against warm carpet, warm carpet now cradling a cold body, cold body staring, staring at him with those glassy, vacant eyes STOP STARING!-

karasu jerked back, his normaly stoic tempermant ruined as he fell back against a tree that lined the sidewalk. his gaze was still held by the soulless corpse that stared back at him, taunting him.

'when did those thumps and shrieks stop being what they were? when did they mold themselves into a melody, a melody you beat out of your drums? every scream formed into a cymbal crash, every thump a pounding from the bass...'

((wow...that came out of nowhere....inspired by ari's recent post, i decided to come back with one of my own...and voila. i had a blank mind when i wrote this, i think my fingers just typed it out with a mind of their own...all my halfway decent stuff comes out like that ^^;; anyway, i'd like to know what you guys think about it, and we need AKII to make her character ;P
- serah ))
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