New lj = Maguro_tofu. (totchi_the_doll) wrote in psycho_craze,
New lj = Maguro_tofu.

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It's alive!!!

[ It died.. but im bored.. so I will resurrect it!!!! I cant spell....]

Mirrors can say much about a person they reflect many things not just the physical appearance. A pale fist .. impact... Spiderweb-like lines race, who will be the winner? thin red lines glimmer with glass, no pain only a wonderful, wonderful feeling. The reflection is now much better... broken like the inside.

" I hate mirrors..." Pale colored eyes drift to mock the shattered mirror in his room, distorted fragments of his face surround him.

A heavy sigh escapes Akui's lips, the throbbing pain in his left hand is gone unnoticed as he lets his tired body drop unto his bed... sweet dreams.
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