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My weird Dream...?

Who's Your Anime Boyfriend?

Darien from Sailormoon isnt quite my type, but in a way...i guess....>.<

Anywhoo. I had a strange dream last night. I only remember two parts. There were two j-rocker's in this hotel hall, who know's what the hell their doing. And one of them was Yoshiki....I dont know how he got into my dream's. I really dont know him that well >.< (Serah does...-_-). Anywhoo, the other part was the phantom spirit guy from "spirited away". He gave me a CD player for some odd reason in the middle of the Hallway. I remember saying "thank you", too. Oh! Just remembered something else. I also remember being on a bus w/ a bunch of annoying screaming fangirl's calling out Yoshiki's name. I was near a window so I could see yoshiki waving and all. (?) That was my strange dream, or that's all I remember.

@.@ I feel very dizzy right now. I dunno why ither. *swirly eye's* Perhaps it was the french toast i just ate at 7:00 pm?????
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