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The brown headed boy was in deep sleep when suddenly a voice boomed from down the stairs, his eyes shot open.
" Akui get the fuck down here... didnt I say to make me dinner??? why are you so damn useless...!!!??" A husky voice rung in the blue eyed boy's ears..oh shit shit... akui's mind raced... he forgot that "he" was going to be home early. He quickly put on some clothes and ran down the stairs.. he was face to face with a man who looked strickingly similar to himself.
" what did I say before I left this morning??? you have done nothing as always... do you want to get locked up again????" his fathers voice growled
"...." akui didnt respond but instead took notice of his younger brother pearing at them from the living room... his face frightened.
"...answer me when im speaking!!!!" the man yelled
"" the 18 year old finally responded
" then get your ass in the kitchen !!!"
"... alright honey.." akui narrowed his eyes as he immitated a womens voice
"what the fuck did you say??!!!... how dare you mock me!!!... dont I put a roof over your sorry ass...???!!!"
" oh shut up already...!!!" akui started towards the kitchen... his arm was suddenly yanked back, and the young boy was pushed towards the wall
" let me go!!!" akui yelled out
"..shut up..." the older man was in a rage " why do you always insist in defying me have you learned nothing? are you really that big of an idiot?"
akui received a hard jab in the ribs and then another... suddenly the blows randomly started coming in harder and faster... he could hear his younger brother run up the stairs... it didnt really hurt anymore akui was so used to this..." welcome to my life", he thought to himself ...

_---_---_- 2 b continued -_---_---_

...meh grammer sucks oh well....
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