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Xx aKui xX

position:eating babies....(vocalist)
birthdate: February 14
birthplace: Nagoya, Japan
height/weight: 5'0/ 110 lb
bloodtype: ??
Hair color: Dark brown/sometimes blonde
Eye color: pale blue (contacts) real color is black
hobby: computer, writing,playing with cat, killing people
skill: design, avoiding people, making others hate me
favourite color: cuts and bruises
favourite food: pills to make me fall asleep, children
disliked food: bactine
favourite drink: the red that flows from my wrists
favourite cigarettes: Marlboro Menthol Lights
favourite artist: kyo of Dir en Grey
favourite performer: the little creature in my brain
place you go to have fun: my closet with the closet monsters that eat children
favourite of your songs: waisetsu ningyo- vidoll
favourite type of woman: a dead one
what do you do on your day off? play with my cat
when was your first love? love doesnt exist.. it's just a disease that will end up costing you your life...just like people
describe your band in one word? letsallgotothehappyhomeanddrinkeachothersbrainjuices
a message for your fans: fuck off
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