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ok...since we are starting all over let's get the basics down for the world to see! MWAHAHAHAAAAA! ...ok then...

I basically just took this from translated indies info at +.+;


position: drummer/quiet odd one
birthdate: a long, long time ago (20)
birthplace: in a galaxy far, far away (france)
bloodtype: A+
hobby: tying people up in chains/buying animals
skill: anything involving chains ... drums, i guess
favourite food: eye of pig
disliked food: tongue of toad
favourite drink: nitroglycerin
favourite cigarettes: Leave smoking to the suicidal
favourite artist: Hizumi (D'espairRay)
favourite performer: the man in my basement
place you go to have fun: clubs
favourite type of woman: 'rape-victim barbie'
disliked type of woman: bimbos
what do you do on your day off? xxx...
when was your first love? Your mother's father's sister's cousin's grandchild
describe your band in one word? in.need.of.pills


im slightly changing karasu's personality, see if you notice a difference :P

and yes, karasu is from france. he's half asian half french ^.^ thus, pale skin, dark hair and asian features. and for sanity's sake lets say that they are all in japan now (in case there was any confusion)

sorry for boring you guys XD
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