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A young man is silently playing his white piano, in a white room where the sun's ray's hit the white tapestry's of the room, making it glow as if it were heaven. A he hit's the piano key's,gracefuly with a smile apon his face (geez, he's happy...), making his own tune for only himself to enjoy. There was something diffrent about this "boy". Perhap's he wasnt...a "boy" after. The right side of his heek lay pink blush, and light peach make-up showing a beautiful facade apon his smile. His eye's were painted pink, and his hair gold with long curl's that spilled over his shoulder.

The living room echoed his piano tunes beautifully *beautifuly?*, which sailed across the house's hall's and to the ear's of his baby sister. ONly 5 1/2, she was. Suddenly awoken by the sound of her elder brother's piano. She opened her eye's slowly, still hearing the soft piano play.

-To be CONTINUED!!! WHEE!!!!
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