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Shelby's Damn Day..

The clock suddenly turns 7:00 am, and the alarm next to shelby's bed set's off. Screaming in his ear's, shelby ignored the clock's consternation.(Consternation is discratcion right? or is that hinderance?).Shelby couldnt hear his alarm, cause of a interresting dream that night, about beautiful women dancing among poles. A smile crept apon his face as the women in his dream arroused him (you know what i alarm still ringing, it interfeared in his dream. He suddenly woke up slowly, returning to reality.Shelby saw the clock read 7:02 am, and vibrating off the shelf it was placed on from it's own alarm. Shelby's face cringed as he relized his interview with "teen people" magazine later that morning. He hid his face between his pillow, and fell back asleep.
(*to be continued*)
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